Resources and Latest Medical Guidelines

The latest Kenya Ministry of Health (MOH) Guidelines

Table of Contents

Internal Medicine and General Guidelines

Diabetes guidelines

Kenya National Clinical guidelines for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus pdf download

STI Guidelines

Kenya STI management guidelines by the Ministry of Health pdf download

hiv guidelines

The Kenya ARV Giuidelines 2022 pdf download

Advanced HIV guidelines

Guidelines for the management of advanced HIV disease

Kenya Cholera Control Guidelines pdf download

Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Malaria pdf download

MOH TB and Leprosy Guidelines 2021 pdf download

Cardiovascular disease guidelines

Handbook of Cardiovascular Disease Guidelines 2018 pdf download

Kenya National Standards for Blood Transfusion 2nd Edition pdf Download

Paediatrics and Child Health Guidelines

Basic Paediatrics protocol

The Basic Paediatrics protocol, the November 2022 5th Edition pdf download

basic pediatrics protocols

Basic Paediatric Protocols 5th Edition 2022 pdf download

Newborn care guidelines and protocols

Comprehensive Newborn Care Protocols Book Nov 2022 pdf download

Obstetrics and Gynecology Guidelines


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    Community Health Assistant Roles and Salary in Kenya

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    Omena: Health Benefits and the Best Recipe

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  • When to Start Clinic when Pregnant in Kenya

    When to Start Clinic when Pregnant in Kenya

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