The new rise in the confidence of Nairobi thugs

Robbery is now in the broad daylight of 2:00 pm, in the presence of watching eyes of thousands of passersby.  Crime in Nairobi is now at stinking levels.  Thugs stopped robbing at night a long time ago. They have sent many Kenyans to Hospitals, ICUs and back to God as evidenced by complaints from many doctors and hospitals offering Emergency health services in Nairobi.

Nairobi Muggings

They operate in groups of 2 to 6 people, usually young. The age ranges from teenage to about 40 years.  Well-dressed to avoid suspicion, they walk in synchrony with the rest of the crowd, scavenging for unsuspicious targets.

When they identify a potential target, they follow closely for a few minutes for the best opportunity. They corner the target, hold them down, threaten and ask them to give everything they have. Any resistance is calmed with a simple show of a pocket knife. The passersby pass by. Helplessly.

Other thugs play a waiting game. They stand by a random wall at common streets and attack by surprise.  A target walking comfortably will suddenly be held down and before the brain completes processing the happenings, they are gone. Valuables are gone. All that remains are the staring eyes of the typical Nairobi audience. Helpless.

More advanced thugs attack and scare with guns. They operate on motorbikes that abruptly turn and stop ahead of you; a gun is pointed at you as you ask them yourself what they would like to have from you.  Items are surrendered smoothly to the last. The victim will be lucky to be left with some fare back home, which is a signature of the Nairobi thugs.  

Other thugs use rudimentary weapons such as small axes and metal rods to scare victims especially at night before robbing them, promising to send them to hospital if they don’t surrender their valuables. These thugs are usually interested in small portable items such as mobile phones, laptops and mobile phone accessories.

Nairobi city at night

Criminal Working hours

Generally, Nairobi criminals work 25/8/367. They are operational all the time, anytime, anywhere.  The most common working hours are the busy evening hours, late night hours from 11:00 pm to about 2:00 am. They then take a rest and rise up early at about 5:30 am for the early morning harvest.  Lately, these working hours have been insufficient. They have been forced to work overtime to any time of the day or night probably due to the tougher economic times, drought and famine that have grappled the Nairobi city and the country at large.

Latest List of major Nairobi robbery hotspots

  1. Along Thika Superhighway at Naivas AllSops   
  2. Kipande Road
  3. Globe Roundabout
  4. Kangemi and ABC place along Waiyaki way
  5. From Drive-in Flyover to KCA
  6. KCA underpass and Total exit
  7. River Road
  8. Fig Tree Area
  9. Archives and CBD
  10. Luthuli Avenue
  11. Railway stage
  12. Afya Center
  13. Ngara
  14. Muthurwa
  15. KenCom

Health workers have been having sleepless nights from emergencies resulting from stabbings. Many have reportedly died while others have ended up with lifelong disabilities from attacks by Nairobi robbers. Many have gone to social media to sensitize Kenyans about insecurity in Nairobi. The Kenyatta National Hospital in particular has observed a rise in cases of stabbing in the last few months.

Personal security is always paramount to the health of any individual. A healthy lifestyle without security is working hard for nothing. Thugs are vermin, and just as bad as bacteria and viruses that kill every day. A Lack of sense of security while walking around Nairobi city is a threat to both the physical and mental health of the community.  

The solution is for the government to step up and do its thing. At a personal level, avoiding the robbery hotspots mentioned above will go a long way in increasing the chances of getting out of Nairobi alive and with your valuables.

In the adverse event when you are cornered by the robbers, the priority is to get out of there alive. Life always comes first.  The brains of these robbers do not process ideas in a straight line. That’s why struggling with them is a probably a bad idea and is likened to suicide. Especially when no one is coming to help. Avoid losing your life, living with a disability, or paying huge hospital bills. By the way, here is why you pay huge hospital bills.

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